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_the boundless_

_the boundless_ is a Chicago-based electronic music project by Nick_Jones. The project spans a wide sonic spectrum, from hard-hitting Industrial/EBM to modern classical, downtempo, and filmscore music. The debut album, The Dust Trial (2017), and accompanying record release show in November 2017, saw the inception of Thinkbreak Records. Performances are high-energy with larger-than-life theatrics, serving as a perfect invitation to get the dancefloor moving quickly.

As Nick_Jones, he has scored They Grow Up So Fast (Original Motion Picture Score) and a dance-choreography piece, titled Volve (Dance Performance Soundtrack). Additionally, Nick_Jones is heavily focused on cutting-edge technology for audio/visual performance and an active member for, Mi.Mu Gloves beta-tester, and more.


I’m free / I live aware / I’m conscious / on the path. I’m from where I come from: it’s not math, it’s a science. When I saw what I was and knew my place in this world, I came alive.

techno / electronic / hip-hop — hamilton, canada


Hi Everyone, I am AndyMac. I fill my vacuum past the full line and turn my amp up to 11. After taking a decade or two off from making music (besides banging on my drums in the basement), I found a community who brought the music back to me. Listen to the magic we make and hopefully will see you in the jams!

Bill Tribble

I’m a musican, designer and artist from Hackney, London. I worked on earlier versions of the Endlesss app, and love exploring ways of making electronics more expressive. I’ve been playing in bands and making music for many years. My claim to fame is that John Peel, Aphex Twin, and John Kennedy have all played my stuff! I love making music with others, so Endlesss has amazing to be involved in for the past few years.

de Velden

(pron. /də Vɛl-dən/) Like standing above a giant perfectly circular chasm and nothing is moving. Like being pelted with a hail of arps and beats. Slaps. Weaving synths, vocal and bokeh beats into dark and groovy textures, into lush and subtle sounds, into raw, haunting and ethereal tracks. Like traveling fast above an epic primordial landscape (possibly backwards).

See also: Orford Field Office

Dead Kousin

Dead Kousin… …is an MC and producer from a small island off the coast of Europe…is inspired by music as a uniting force…has produced, remixed and performed with artists and bands in various parts of the world…isn’t sure he’s real…

Electronic Punk Music… …music to dance to/words to think about.

Expect mutant drums, heavy sounds and plenty of bass…


Hello, I’m David (he/him) and I make music with Endlesss and my Internet friends. My primary musical influences are Orbital, Information Society, and the Florida rave scene in the mid- and late-90s (that means lots of electro, breaks, and drum and bass).

I started making electronic music 30ish years ago in BASIC on a C64, but I’ve finished more songs since COVID than in the prior 20 years. Thanks, Track Club!


Started drumming in a samba drumming group from 8 years old, around 12 years old started tinkering with some crappy DAW during IT lessons at school. Went on to get a degree in Music Tech (but still don’t know how to use a compressor). Always trying to find the balance between chaos and order, between experimental and danceable, fun and fresh. These usually balance out naturally through my lopsided knowledge of music, I can produce complex rhythms but my melodic and harmonic knowledge is limited, which makes these aspects more predictable.

I live in Tokyo and I’m hoping to force my sounds on people in a live setting as soon as it’s responsible to do so. In the meantime find me on Endlesss and occasionally releasing tunes here with Track Club!


Firephly is from California where the redwoods meet the sea. Her music builds moods exploring the light and dark, creating atmospheric soundscapes, using arpeggiated sonic elements, melodic themes with emotive keys, sweeping pads, and strong synth lines. She brings rich, vibrant vocals to create a sense of connection and warmth.

Foi Dee

Foi Dee, real name Ferd, is based in the North of England in the heart of The North York Moors. He is a Graphic/web artist, photo/videographer and musician.

Stealing his old mans jazz / funk and psychedelic rock records, so he could DJ at parties, he then discovered hip hop, acid, techno and the myriad of other genres and sub-genres of electronic music that came afterwards.

He has been making music for about 3 years, he tries to make music that is influenced by all of the above but with some essence of himself infused into the sounds, textures, melodies and rhythms.

He makes noise, it is a journey with no destination…



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Zaphod’s just this guy, you know?


ludi is a game of chance, a drunken walk, playing at the margins, somehow finding new ways to bring disparate elements together in interesting ways. Sound and instrument design often occur at the edge of a void, following component vectors through higher-dimensional manifolds. Process and product become indiscernible, threading a line of flight through a labyrinth of creativity, hiding from the monster of perfectionism. Complex fractured beats, brooding basslines, intricate arpeggios, and deeply layered pads are held together by an abstract sonic machine, dancing at the edge of light and dark, experimenting with the tension between order and chaos.


mlilley2002 AKA mlilley2001 AKA mlilley AKA mkl AKA mikel AKA munro leaf: 50% The Orford Field Office; 33.33r% The Lotus Mile; 33.33r% Sylvette/Pablo Sylvette; 25% Lorsen/Leviathan/Ely'’s Moon; 25% SchMikel; 20% Lucky Pierre; 14.2857142857% Jon Parish & the Picts; 14.2857142857% SKULLZ and occasional collaborator with The Articles/Stillmans Plates & John McClean and the Clan


I am oddSTAR – a curious creature hurtling through space on a massive rock while desperately attempting to channel the mystical energies of the universe through experimental synthesis of organized waves and frequencies.

By deliberately applying complex aural incantations, I weave enchantments from vital elements including stirring vocals, otherworldly guitars, arpeggiated electronic pulses, ethereal pads, soaring leads, deep basslines, pulsating beats, and flowing layers of intriguing atmospheric noises and subtle textures. When properly attuned via precise melodic, harmonic and rhythmic interplay, I conjure charged temporal singularities which attract visceral emotional reactions such as joy, wonder, melancholic contemplation, arousal and irresistible rhythmic response.


Hi all,

My name is Kirke Godfrey, going by the name of ShapedNoise

Im a washed-up old hack with a drinking problem and poor social skills.

Somehow got away with faking my way through a full career in music so I’m now into it strictly for fun. Currently doing some musical hardware and software design work and beta testing for several audio companies.

As to my part in the track club crew…

I’m here to:

Provide musical parts of mind-boggling innovation, stunning clarity of vision and implementation, while also setting an awe-inspiring inspirational tone for the rest of the crew.


I’m Von from the UK (also known as Vonbongen and Audubon Swamp Garden).

I sing stuff and I like creating strange noises, glitching things up, playing around with filters and delay and randomness. This is allegedly ‘sound design’.

I like to invent spurious genres and then try to convince people that they actually exist. Previous attempts include commutercore, voidcore, operatic nightmare pop and horsewave.

My major influences include Pan Daijing, Duran Duran Duran, Lorn, the Black Dog, Recoil, and (mainly) the other musicians I work with in Track Club.

William Sharkey

William Sharkey is from Valley Forge in Pennsylvania.

Trying to find a balance between intentional music and repetitive feedback-loop driven sound exploration.

I am a human dad, a computer programmer, and I like to think about things, getting lost chasing things. Music could be where impulses, grand gestures, costumed play can lash out and try to capture something fleeting. What am I escaping from, what am I accomplishing? Constant nagging feelings get folded into the sounds. Usually mushy. Hello world sounds.